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Brightens Up Your Life


Why Zone industry corp.

Zone Industry Corp is committed to providing a variety of quality products for customers. By utilizing the latest technologies and implementing strict quality control procedures, we have gained a reputation for having the best products in the industry. Please review our product line, and contact us to contact us for more information.

Led Lighting

Zone Industry Corp. is like a candle. A candle might be insignificant, but when the light dances, the place is not only illuminated but also warmed. That's like our mission: since the moment we were founded, Zone has been dedicated to design products that could make our customers' life better and warmer.

Plumbing Innovations

We believe that plumbing installation and repair should be easy and require the fewest materials, components, and steps possible. Our elegant designs solve most common toilet installation and repair challenges.

That's why we have developed elegant designs that effectively solve the most common challenges associated with toilet installation and repair.


" Solve & Improve the quality of life is always our goal. "

ZONE Industry Corp.

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