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Consecutive Award Winning Inventor Gives NHS Attendees the 1st Look at Several Innovations

Zone industry corp.

Jan 27, 2023

Passionate inventor joins Zone Industry Corp to apply decades of plumbing experience that
solves common DIY problems and simplifies plumbing repairs.

Shorewood, Illinois, January 27, 2023—Schuster joins Zone Industry Corporation to expand product lines beyond lighting to offer proprietary plumbing innovations. Michael J Schuster, a 4th generation plumber from Joliet, Illinois, developed his first product in 2001. He was hands-on in his family plumbing business, providing plumbing repair service in 4 to 8 homes a day for 17 years. Schuster applies his unique hands-on experience to develop innovative solutions to solve common DIY problems.

Over the past 21 years, Schuster successfully developed over 30 products and is named on over 100 issued and pending patents. Schuster’s past innovations consistently wins national recognition and innovation awards from Retailers Choice, Popular Mechanics, Depot, Do-It-Best, and Chicago Innovation Award (multiple times). Schuster’s innovations regularly generate new areas of growth for retailers.

Schuster said, “He’s proud to say his products were specifically called out by name in The Home Depot Q3 2010 earnings report because the products `resonate with customers’ and increase revenue in plumbing maintenance & repair.”

Schuster’s passion for plumbing innovation is evident, and his products frequently stand out in a category that is not known for innovation. Schuster’s deep understanding of the frequent challenges homeowners experience offers a unique insight that he applies to each product. Schuster believes,“Plumbing repair should be easy: using the fewest materials, components & steps. Our products are designed to be simple for the consumer and the retailer. Our quality and simplicity are apparent in every aspect, from product design to the easy to follow instruction, videos, and packaging.”

Schuster partnered with Zone Industry Corporation to provide global sales, and distribution, and increase the speed to market. This partnership allows Schuster to follow his passion and develop the next set of innovative products. Jerry Cravens VP of Sales for Zone said, “We are very excited about the addition of Michael to Zone’s executive team. Our expansion into the plumbing category and Michael’s extensive knowledge and expertise is what sets Zone apart from other suppliers.”

Schuster will present his products with interactive displays in the inventor’s area (One-N-Done booth HN5L).

  • Watch the TapCap install in less than a minute (Improve bathroom décor)

  • See the world’s ONLY self-adjusting One-N-Done wax-less gasket

o Compress from 2 ¼” to 1/8”

  • Test the strongest wax-less toilet seal (withstands 20-pound pull force)

  • Repair broken toilet flange and seal toilet in a single product

  • Install the One-N-Done toilet bolts without tools

o Use exclusive diamond saw to trim bolts

o Add ¼ turn decorative caps

Zone Industry Corporation is known for its global distribution of innovative lighting and plumbing products. Product videos and more information can be found at or contact Jerry Cravens for sales

Michael J Schuster is a serial inventor that consistently receives innovation awards with proven retail success (millions of units sold and millions in revenue). Schuster grew up in the plumbing repair business, received an MBA from Purdue, and his IP portfolio covers DIY, water filtration, augmented reality, image recognition, patent software tools, probiotic activation, & dispensing equipment.

Michael Schuster can be reached at

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