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NHS Gets First Look at One-N-Done the Only Self-adjusting Wax-less Toilet Seal

Zone industry corp.

Jan 29, 2023

The world’s only toilet gasket that seals with a single gasket, compresses from 2 ¼” to 1/8” and
creates a seal tight enough to pick up a 20 pound weight.

Shorewood, Illinois, January 29, 2023—Michael J Schuster spent the last 21 years developing DIY products and is named on over 100 issued and pending patents. Schuster’s past innovations consistently win innovation awards from Retailers Choice, Popular Mechanics, Depot, Do-It-Best, and Chicago Innovation Award (multiple times). In the years prior, Schuster spent 17 years gaining hands-on experience in his family plumbing repair business (established in 1906 in Joliet, IL), and he believes, “Plumbing repair should be easy: using the fewest materials, components & steps.”

When it comes to toilet repair, people get confused on what seal to purchase because they may only need a thin gasket (if the flange is above the floor), or they may need to stack multiple gaskets (if the flange is below the floor). Often consumers do not know the proper seal until they get home and take up the toilet (and even then, they may not know). Stacking multiple gaskets can lead to sewer gas or water leaks, and selecting the wrong seal can require the toilet to be set multiple times. For example, the seal will leak if it’s too thin, and it will hold the toilet off the floor if it’s too thick. Additionally, it can be challenging dangling a 70 pound toilet over wobbling bolts while trying to locate the small toilet holes. The next task is cutting the bolts which can be a hurdle since the consumer may not have the proper tools (plus there is very little room to work). Therefore consumers often leave the bolts un-cut and exposed, or (ugly) tall toilet caps are used to cover the un-cut bolts.

Schuster realizes that existing toilet repair products do not accurately solve these issues. Current gaskets are not guaranteed to seal with a single gasket, and they either require multiple gaskets or the gasket may be too thick or too thin. Designing a product that covers all sealing ranges was a significant experiment requiring more than a year, and resulting in over 40 designs (with a lot of prototyping and testing). One-N-DoneTM is the world’s only wax-less gasket that automatically adjusts from 2 ¼” to 1/8” (sealing all depths with a single gasket). We are finally past the days where the consumer must guess and make multiple trips back to the store. Now they can buy ONE-(and the job’s)-DONE.

Schuster is presenting the One-N-Done products (along with other innovations) for the first time. Check out the interactive displays (below) in the inventor’s area at the One-N-Done booth (HN5L).

  • Compress the One-N-Done wax-less gasket from 2 ¼” to 1/8”

  • Lift a 20 pound weight to test the One-N-Done sealing force

  • Repair broken toilet flange and seal toilet with a single product

  • Use exclusive diamond saw to trim bolts

  • Watch the TapCap install in less than a minute (to improve bathroom décor)

Schuster has partnered with Zone Industry Corporation and will focus on developing the next set of innovative products. Zone is known for its global distribution of innovative lighting and plumbing products. Product videos and more information can be found at or contact Jerry Cravens for sales

Michael J Schuster repeatedly receives innovation awards and his products consistently have retail success. Schuster grew up in the plumbing repair business, received an MBA from Purdue, and his IP portfolio covers DIY, water filtration, augmented reality, image recognition, patent software tools, probiotic activation, & dispensing equipment. Michael Schuster can be reached at

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