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Seals, Caps & Bolts
Premium Seal
(with bolts, caps and diamond saw)
Product description
  • The deepest seal for ALL flange depths
    (2-3 times deeper than other seals)
  • Bolts locks down the seal and centers the toilet
  • Wax-less seal automatically adjusts to any flange depth
  • Compresses from 2 ¼” to 1/8”
  • Prevents cracking the toilet or the collar
  • Diamond saw cuts the bolts in seconds
  • Low profile easy-clean caps lock in place
  • Includes: Wax-less seal, bolts, lock nuts, retaining nuts,
    deco-caps and diamond saw
Seals, Caps & Bolts


We believe plumbing repair should be easy: using the fewest materials, components & steps. Our elegant design solves the most common challenges by locking and centering the toilet, seal & bolts, preventing the over – tightening of the toilet, providing a saw designed to cut in tight places, and offering attractive easy clean ¼ turn caps.

                                                                                                                    -Michael J Schuster  

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