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Flange Repair
Flange Repair and locking flange nuts
(with zinc bolts)
Product description
  • The deepest seal for ALL flange depths​
    (2-3 times deeper than other seals)  
  • Repairs broken flange
  • Only repairs flange to seal between old and new flange
  • Requires seal above
  • Zinc bolts lock down flange and centers toilet
  • Includes: Flange repair with bottom seal, screws, bolts,
    lock nuts, metal nuts, and washer


We believe plumbing repair should be easy: using the fewest components & steps. Our elegant design solves the most common toilet repair challenges by repairing and sealing the flange, locking and centering the toilet, seal and bolts.  



                                                                                                                    -Michael J Schuster  

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